• “The Small Business Association reports there were 29.6 million businesses as of 2008,” Miller says. “Seven out of ten businesses last at least two years, and only half survive five years or more. One thing that entrepreneurs have in common is that they are typically risk takers.”

About Faithpreneur

What's Inside?

Faithpreneur is a step-by-step guide designed to help you find and act upon your God-given purpose in life. This is your resource to creating the life of entrepreneurship you have always dreamed of living. Follow author and entrepreneur Marquita Miller through 12, faith-based steps to success, and discover God’s purpose for you through a unique blend of faith and the key principles of entrepreneurship.

Each step to success has its own chapter, complete with inspiring quotes from the Bible, a personal prayer for each element of the journey and exercise sheets designed to help you determine your God-given purpose. The book also includes resource guides, forms and checklists crucial to business formation and success stories from fellow entrepreneurs who know the challenges of beginning a small business.

This book is your road map to success—use it as a teaching tool, a guide or simply as an inspiration. And remember, God helps those who help themselves.

Marquita Miller

“Entrepreneurship is the driving force of our country’s economy, the largest employer, the fastest way to financial freedom and one of the most rewarding feelings when you put the work into it. Following your dream and putting it all on the line can be risky business, but have no fear, for this book is your hope. You can use your God-given purpose and your passion with business principles to impact the Kingdom.”


  • 1. Discover Passion for the Purpose

    Jeremiah 29:11

  • 2. Determine the Time, a Time for Everything

    Ecclesiastes 3:1

  • 3. Establish Your Power Team

    Proverbs 27:17

  • 4. Develop the Action Plan

    Proverbs 14:23

  • 5. Seasons and Cycles

    Matthew 5:45

  • 6. The Customer

    Philippians 4:19

  • 7. Designate the Proper Entity Selection

    Proverbs 24:3

  • 8. Obtain Federal, State and Local Identification Numbers

    Many opt to set up their business themselves and obtain the identification number without knowing the responsibility that comes with the number.

  • 9. Create an Accounting Process

    Leviticus 19:35-36

  • 10. Resolve Funding Requirement and Options

    Luke 14:28-30

  • 11. Render Unto Caesar and God Those Things That Belong to Them

    Luke 20:25

  • 12. Think Big!

    Ephesians 3:20

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